About Us

Passion for the future

We're a trusted partner to the property development and real estate sectors, working with clients and projects both in Australia and worldwide. We provide best-in-class visualisation solutions, and help developers, sales agents, project marketing firms and architects turn designs into experiences that sell.

We're collaborators, not just service providers, working tirelessly to design innovative solutions that fit client needs and budgets. And because the latest VR technology plays a big part in everything we do, we offer ongoing training and support every step of the way.

Brooke Smith

Founder | CEO | Director


Julien Zaragoza

Julien Zaragoza

Founder | CIO | Director


Matt Kilham

COO | Director


Andrew Lawrence

Technical Director

Richard Goodfellow

Director of Analytics


My goal for Lucid Vue is to pursue excellence in everything we do. To innovate and create new opportunities for our clients through cutting edge technology and immersive realities.

- Brooke Smith CEO