Pitch@Palace 2017

Champagne Soda shares its passion for innovation with top influencers at Pitch@Palace

Champagne Soda (now Lucid Vue) believes that information technology and the latest innovation in communication industry have been a major influence on businesses for the past decade, but the world seems to have come to a point where these innovations are no longer just a tool to help businesses run their operations smoothly. They have now become a driving force in almost all aspects of a business – from customer experience to marketing.

We at Champagne Soda are staunch believers in using innovations for the success of our clients and at large, the real estate industry that we serve. Recently, we were overjoyed to meet with some like-minded people at Pitch@Palace, a global event hosted for the first time in Australia. We were honoured to speak our mind to an audience that shared our passion for innovation and creativity. Among the audience were His Royal Highness the Duke of York and the Governor of Victoria.

The event, founded by Prince Andrew the Duke of York, created a lot of buzz and not without good reasons. Ideas flowed freely and held many top entrepreneurs of the world in rapt attention. It was quite obvious that innovations have completely changed and will continue to change how customers interact with businesses and how businesses provide services to their customers.

Real estate is a complex business that has been keeping up with deep-rooted traditions and conventions for centuries. Compared to several other industries, this one is slower in adapting to new changes. So much money is involved in each and every property transaction that people like to tread carefully and stick to the old wisdom.  Two parties involved in a transaction – the buyer and the seller – spend weeks, even months getting through the maze of complex financial and legal obligations. By the time the transaction is finished, both are exhausted.

So here at Champagne Soda, we invest countless hours in coming up with ideas that can make it easier for real estate professionals and property developers to interact with their customers and provide them with a hassle-free buying and renting experience. We try to explore the intersection of technology and human creativity for this purpose. We strive to remove the atmosphere of confusion from property transactions. And that’s where our expertise – Virtual and Augmented Reality Marketing – comes in.

If you have ever rented, bought or sold a property, you already know how stressful, confusing and time consuming the process can be. Imagine the level of confusion when you buy a property off the plan when you don’t know how your home or office is going to look like. A small communication gap between the developer and the buyer can actually trigger a lot of confusion and disputes.

With Virtual Reality (VR), the chances of any kind of communication gap become negligible. The buyer can see the entire project come to life in front of his or her eyes before its completion in the real world. He or she would know for sure how every nook and corner in the finished project will look like.

The same goes true for home inspections. With virtual reality, a buyer or a tenant can walk through any property, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Imagine experiencing 10, 20 or even more potential homes in under an hour through Virtual Reality, all pre-selected by Artificial Intelligence. Indeed, these technologies combined are the natural progression for real estate. Viewing, purchasing and selling. All in one place.

VR is going to shake up a lot of industries in the near future, and real estate is no exception. This was evident from the kind of feedback and encouragement we received at Pitch@Palace.

Impressing the top tech and business minds in the world was something that really calls for a celebration. Our innovative ideas were validated and appreciated. The encouraging feedback also helped us realize the potential of VR in the real estate industry.