627 Chapel St – Using Augmented Reality on an iPad to visualise a 24-level office tower

Cutting-edge in-situ visualisation using AR

627 Chapel Street heralds a new era for South Yarra. Real estate developer Goldfields envisioned the 24-level office tower as “the best office building outside the Melbourne CBD”.

They wished to demonstrate to potential buyers and stakeholders how the beautifully designed building will add to the streetscape and enlisted Lucid Vue to build an Augmented Reality (AR) application that could be used to showcase a high fidelity rendering of the building.

With an ambitious brief that would raise the bar for augmented reality quality levels, Lucid Vue delivered an iPad-based experience like no other.

Standing on the opposite side of the street to the construction site, a user holds up the iPad camera. When the AR triggers, a stunning 3D image of the eventual building appears in place, as though the building was really there. The user can look up at the storeys rising above, walk up and down the street, and explore the details of the building’s exterior.