The Horizon, Auckland – Replacing a traditional display suite with VR

Refined elegance in Mission Bay, showcased using Virtual Reality

A one-of-a-kind residential development, The Horizon has been thoughtfully crafted to meet its occupants living needs without compromising lifestyle.

Situated in Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand, The Horizon offers stunning views and high-end features, with developers Reside Projects building an elevated on-site display suite to showcase them.

With construction due to commence and the display suite coming down, Metric Melbourne approached Lucid Vue on behalf of Reside to build a Virtual Reality Display Suite to replace the physical.

This VR display suite showcases a complete apartment, allowing buyers to experience the apartment and marvel at the same stunning view provided by the original display suite, assisting agents Sotheby’s International to complete sales for the project.

The team at Lucid Vue have opened our eyes to whole new realm of property marketing. Not only has it helped deliver more leads, the detail and perfect spatial detailing has helped removed some of the common barriers to sale.