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Traditional display suites are limited by the time, space and cost required to build. Residential developers are choosing our fast-to-market virtual display suites because they integrate seamlessly into project plans and budgets of all shapes and sizes.

Volume Homes

It’s important to stay in control of the conditions you’re showing property in. Virtual reality means potential investors and buyers will always see your build in it’s finished form - a community, not a building site.


Make cutting-edge part of your building’s identity. Virtual reality visualisation means showing off more of what makes your building stand out, letting investors and tenants see end-of-trip facilities, shared spaces and retail opportunities before work starts.


Satisfying the demands of stakeholders and engaging with local communities are key factors. Using the power of the latest technology we’ll help you give everyone involved in you project the chance to see the end result - even at the outset.

Land Development

Don’t just advertise the land you’re selling - show how it could be used. Augmented reality and high-resolution panoramic photography will inspire potential buyers, giving them a sense of what’s possible.


Making visualisation part of your process means turning your designs into something real before a build even starts. We speak your language, and understand your ways of working, meaning we can collaborate effortlessly on projects big and small.


Architecture, interior design and hospitality can be shown off in virtual spaces, long before the first room is ready in the real world. That means investors and potential tenants can see your unique sense of style from day one.

Luxury Yachts and Cruise Ships

When you’re putting together the vessel of your dreams, it’s important to see things just as they’ll be after you set sail. From turning designs into something seaworthy, to redesigning a purchase and making it your own, VR has a part to play.

Schools and Universities

VR is a smart choice for a wide range of development needs - from engaging stakeholders during the design phase and planning of new wings and buildings, to showing off your campus to potential students and investors around the world.

Shopping Centres

Showcase your centre while it’s still in the planning phase. Fit interiors and common spaces out as they’d look in the real world, and walk potential investors and tenants through the place they could be doing business.

Office Space

VR is the perfect way to give potential tenants a better sense of the space they’re considering as their new headquarters. Designing working spaces? Use the latest technology to see your worlds in 3D, before you build.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Showing stakeholders how your planned projects will look after completion is important. Use our cutting-edge technology to give virtual tours of new wings and wards while you’re still in the design phase.